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About us

Founded in 1998, Smart Furniture opened its doors as a custom modular shelving manufacturer and dealer. At that time, Silicon Valley was in its infancy, and the tech bubble didn't exist. However, it was apparent that the rapidly evolving internet environment represented a new business frontier. Although web purchasing was still in its infancy, and buying furniture online was a thought that most people had never considered before, we launched one of the very first online, direct to consumer web stores. 

A lot has changed since the late 1990’s, especially as internet technology goes. Wisely, our founding members paced the company’s growth in lockstep with the rapidly evolving eCommerce landscape. We quickly expanded upon the design on demand shelving idea to include products such as sofas, office chairs, and desks, and thrived under the mantra, "Design on Demand." Furniture shouldn't just be what other people tell you it is. It should be yours. The rest is eCommerce history!

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